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Not really pleased on how this came out. I could have spent more time getting this perfected, but I ran out of patience after working on it for 4 hours straight.

safe1723451 artist:alcor999 artist:slb941139 twilight sparkle302606 pony983842 unicorn330824 adorasexy9917 bed41468 bedroom eyes60124 behaving like a cat2204 cheek fluff5683 couch8406 cushion599 cute202389 ear fluff30224 eyelashes11383 female1378124 horn70065 irl70692 lidded eyes31162 looking at you171490 mare489286 photo80396 pillow18177 ponies in real life5310 prone25853 smiling253342 solo1075693 twiabetes12089 twilight cat253 unicorn twilight18065


not provided yet


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