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Now I did hear that season Nine will be coming soon. So I thought that even though this will not happen, it can happen on any fanfics of it, this would have both worlds of FIM and Equestria Girls come together. Which fanfiction stories can be based on this idea?

It sort of hit me when I saw a blooper of Human Rainbow Dash riding on Pony Rainbow Dash.

Who agrees on this suggestion?
safe1585902 artist:conthauberger74 apple bloom46798 applejack159795 big macintosh26700 bon bon15450 capper dapperpaws1454 captain celaeno1045 derpy hooves48177 discord28901 dj pon-328069 doctor whooves10143 flash magnus724 fluttershy199673 gallus5972 gilda9115 granny smith5043 grubber785 lyra heartstrings28062 meadowbrook731 microchips1271 mistmane671 ocellus4680 octavia melody22595 pharynx885 pinkie pie204337 princess cadance30475 princess celestia89779 princess ember5833 princess flurry heart6376 princess luna94204 princess skystar1811 queen novo1153 rainbow dash220848 rarity171036 rockhoof996 sandalwood1010 sandbar4799 sci-twi21807 scootaloo49056 shining armor21697 silverstream5428 smolder6865 somnambula1692 songbird serenade1124 spike74434 spike the regular dog2347 spitfire12746 star swirl the bearded1871 starlight glimmer44572 sunburst5947 sunset shimmer57508 sweetie belle46620 sweetie drops15454 tempest shadow15783 thorax3999 time turner10140 trixie62864 twilight sparkle283707 vinyl scratch28071 wiz kid624 yona4559 zecora8802 alicorn199469 changedling7431 changeling41246 classical hippogriff4509 dog8531 dragon48894 earth pony205594 griffon24434 hippogriff8469 pegasus247080 pony856050 seapony (g4)3740 unicorn273667 yak3934 anthro233591 equestria girls182846 friendship games11979 my little pony: the movie18041 alumnus shining armor203 angry24381 anthro with ponies2326 armor21821 beauty mark1045 bow24855 broken horn12970 changedling brothers249 colored hooves4670 cowboy hat13495 crystal prep shadowbolts1280 cutie mark crusaders18101 dean cadance1005 dragoness6933 ear piercing22240 earring18366 end of ponies765 everypony370 female1186535 flying34744 hair bow13633 hat77181 horn47509 humane five2870 humane seven2160 humane six2747 jewelry53036 king thorax2641 looking at you147602 male325073 mane seven5930 mane six29672 mare426664 merchandise3952 monkey swings1224 my little pony logo3422 necklace15839 piercing35580 pillars of equestria238 pirate2301 pirate hat498 ponidox9 prince pharynx626 principal celestia3208 self ponidox7320 spread wings48391 standing10491 teenager4345 the end is neigh93 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116181 vice principal luna2273 wall of tags2534 wings81202 wondercolts693


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