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MLP NG kids based on Saphi-Boo ’s AU


Flurry Heart x Chrysalis – Holly Blue: adorable little psychopath
Starlight Glimmer x Chancellor Neighsay – Cynic Sorcerer: sad and misunderstood

Princess Twilight Sparkle x Apple Bloom – Gala Gleam: really good at growing plants
Pinkamena Diane Pie x Gallus – Chickadee: fluffy buttmuncher
Princess Cadence x Rainbow Dash – Lovestruck: teen skater boi late for the prom again?!?!!?!
Rarity x Zephyr Breeze – Chic Sheer: meek pretty boy 
Fluttershy x Queen Novo – Hummingbee: hippie birb lover
Applejack x Cloudy Quartz – Tart Applesauce: a grandmother at age 16
safe (1378377)artist:unoriginai (601)oc (501888)oc:chickadee (9)oc:chic sheer (1)oc:cynic sorcerer (1)oc:holly blue (3)oc:hummingbee (1)oc:lovestruck (11)oc only (352880)oc:tart applesauce (1)alternate universe (5562)changepony (563)colored hooves (2853)colt (9829)crack ship offspring (169)crack shipping (3081)cute (139615)cutie mark (31360)female (711037)filly (45982)flying (28133)hippogriff (6110)hybrid (10913)male (241317)mare (311475)next generation (4048)ocbetes (3075)offspring (27206)parent:apple bloom (534)parent:applejack (2598)parent:chancellor neighsay (37)parent:cloudy quartz (16)parent:fluttershy (3210)parent:gallus (32)parent:pinkie pie (2968)parent:princess cadance (1100)parent:princess flurry heart (147)parent:queen chrysalis (839)parent:queen novo (30)parent:rainbow dash (4068)parent:rarity (2892)parents:chrysaheart (1)parents:cloudyjack (1)parents:galluspie (1)parents:novoshy (1)parents:raindance (1)parents:starsay (1)parent:starlight glimmer (915)parents:twibloom (2)parents:zephyrity (4)parent:twilight sparkle (5810)parent:zephyr breeze (509)pegasus (173066)pony (650464)shipping (156756)stallion (67223)unicorn (185151)


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