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Reminds me introducing my tutoring student to Sonic XD
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@Background Pony #A32B
Ah, yes; the era where difficulty made a game enjoyable and trendy, and to ensure that arcades had a virtually endless supply of quarters (or nickels). Games then were pretty much in their infancy and needed to be impossibly difficult to extend the life of a game. Sure, today's games may have checkpoints, autosaves, and quicksaves, but that's also because the technology of today allows for more coding, scripting, and immersive storytelling.

Multiplayer games are still nothing but a quick cash-grab, and a tumor on the gaming community.
Background Pony #5BFB

Kids these days. Always amusing how their "hardcore" posturing, when the little pussies are so dependent on sticky-reticle and constant autosaves and no penalty for failure that if you stuck them in a room with Contra or Ninja Gaiden, they'd end up in tears or smash the controller. (Actually, it's often more depressing than amusing. Have you seen the Fine Bros kids trying to play Mario 3?)

Or else just say it's a shitty game since no 60 FPS, all sour grapes-like.