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safe1554660 screencap195090 fluttershy195700 sunset shimmer56588 equestria girls177216 equestria girls series27982 game stream539 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11434 :p7001 angry23439 animated90965 controller1956 converse4947 couch6916 crying39482 eyeshadow12645 face down ass up7056 feet33820 frown21341 glare7982 hair ornament213 headphones6613 headset1362 kicking1805 kneeling7273 lidded eyes24590 makeup17117 meme77876 music2496 open mouth120239 psycho gamer sunset111 rage1328 rage face394 sandals3712 screaming2885 shoes28935 sideways glance400 sitting53733 smiling209636 smirk10630 smug4928 smugshy67 sneakers4598 sound6446 sunsetting3 tongue out88479 video game4476 webm9675 wide eyes16019


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Background Pony #B827
You talking about Smash 4 or Ultimate? Zelda is better in Ultimate than she was in Smash 4, so it's worse to lose to a Smash 4 Zelda.
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Mystery Badge #1 - Sometimes needs to think twice before posting
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

This is definitely me when my friend plays Zelda in Smash. I swear, anytime he beats me, he keeps spamming that taunt to troll me. But I'm not that salty….
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