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Request for the magnificent Jayisthebest (also my favorite scene from Changeling 3)

The request was a SFW picture of Queen Chrysalis pinning down Rainbow Dash and she starts to drool on her face. I hope you like the picture! Sorry it took so long, work and life tend to get in the way.

The hardest part of the picture was the background, trying to get it to look as cave like as possible, but I think I pulled it off. For the first time I didn't need any references to help with positions and anatomy, so I am kinda pleased with this picture.
You should have seen my first design, it was just scary, Queen Bugbutt was terrifying. I'm glad I made the changes to the pic to make it nicer to look at. :)

Kinda drew some inspiration from Alien for this picture, but I hope you all like it.
safe1584551 artist:serenepony112 queen chrysalis32666 rainbow dash220687 changeling41154 changeling queen12786 pegasus246634 pony854936 angry24353 drool22561 drool string5108 eye contact6117 fangs21803 female1181867 forked tongue912 hissing381 hive342 looking at each other17019 one eye closed25959 open mouth124980 pinned down221 request3532 salivating1099 scared9416 straddling463 unshorn fetlocks21769


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