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This was a group commission I tried out over on my Patreon to see how something like this would go. I think it went okay-ish, but next time I do something like this I won’t take on so many characters… this took way too long to finish…
This is one of the close-ups of the full orgy pic.
explicit417956 artist:pusspuss664 scootaloo55558 oc838065 oc:skittle331 pegasus407968 pony1326578 analingus3045 analingus on female981 anatomically correct30097 anus119293 canon x oc30616 colt17972 colt on filly246 crotchboobs25818 cunnilingus11263 dock62116 duo118685 female1605912 filly85062 filly on colt152 foalcon20531 frog (hoof)17497 hoofbutt1524 humanoid torso192 male460830 nipples212116 not pound cake6 nudity453215 oral57927 patreon14137 patreon logo9225 ponut55221 sex149098 straight159844 teats9438 underhoof61853 vaginal secretions46878 vulva161491


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

And so this little colt got his cutie mark in pearl diving and his reputation of being able to go deep on one breath was renowned, he was called in lore as silvertongue the filly slayer.