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The ask-less version

safe (1377152)artist:silfoe (1481)nightmare moon (14609)moonsetmlp (69)alicorn (152999)alternate universe (5547)bust (29104)fangs (16510)female (710073)gray background (4583)horn (20832)jewelry (35382)looking at you (113998)mare (311025)pony (649777)regalia (11047)simple background (277395)slit eyes (2662)slit pupils (205)solo (846950)


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Background Pony #17F1
I just noticed how ridiculously lopsided that bit of hair in the front makes Luna’s horn look at that angle. It’s not necessarily physically impossible for her horn to be straight, but that lock would have to stick out pretty far. I guess it could just be the same floaty stuff as the rest, though.

This image made it obvious for me, but looking at screencaps I see that it’s actually pretty show-accurate.