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safe1726111 edit134112 edited screencap66151 screencap224353 pinkie pie218098 starlight glimmer49179 twilight sparkle302988 alicorn228290 earth pony256227 pony986394 unicorn331921 starlight the hypnotist330 spoiler:interseason shorts886 caption21663 crazy face963 evil laugh438 face of mercy245 faic12414 female1380500 image macro37303 impact font1498 insanity2641 kite804 kite flying182 levitation12297 magic74239 mare490478 meme82418 pinkie being pinkie1305 reaction image9504 spool141 telekinesis28190 text60435 twilight hates ladybugs141 twilight snapple2058 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124847


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Background Pony #78C1
No, it looks like the face of a purple unicorn-turned-alicorn gloating about how a ladybug kite can't see her through the clouds.