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suggestive (106429)artist:tjpones (2502)rarity (149336)spike (63392)blushing (144562)both cutie marks (7417)clopfic in the comments (853)comic (83648)dialogue (45775)dock (35032)dragon (31953)dragon penis (87)ear piercing (15056)earring (12919)erection (8041)eyes on the prize (3998)female (693344)implied erection (165)implied penis (206)jewelry (34168)male (234504)mare (302215)necklace (11093)older (16356)older rarity (13)older spike (3087)phallic shadow (61)piercing (25747)plot (60760)pony (632762)raised tail (10836)shadow (2850)shipping (153329)sparity (5588)straight (103290)sweat (18602)swishy tail (12)tail (12917)this will end in snu snu (220)unicorn (177800)winged spike (3680)wings (45158)


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@Background Pony #3BED
I thought about that yeah. Realistically if he stood up and loomed his marshmallow stick in front of her his entire shadow would eclipse her not just the dick.

But I went with this for comedy sake

The "light" that creates the shadow is between his penis and the front of his body (likely dragonfire coming out like a nosebleed)
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Background Pony #0BE2
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