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Nyx in different situations!

Past Sins by
Cutie mark sample
safe (1375084)artist:vasillium (105)oc (500269)oc:nyx (1857)oc only (352170)absurd res (60485)adorkable (2285)alicorn (152642)alicorn oc (16526)blushing (147013)book (25540)cheek squish (463)clothes (337895)cute (138999)cutie mark (31209)female (708407)filly (45847)flying (28054)frown (18726)glasses (44325)happy (22361)headband (2169)lidded eyes (16936)looking at you (113743)looking back (39437)mare (310159)missing accessory (6341)neckerchief (1033)nyxabetes (57)open mouth (98704)pointing (2931)pony (648503)prone (19721)raised hoof (30008)raised leg (5603)reading (5041)sad (19587)simple background (276843)sitting (43692)slit eyes (2655)smiling (173006)solo (845692)spread wings (39054)squishy cheeks (1657)transparent background (145186)underhoof (39603)wall of tags (1603)wings (47500)


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Background Pony #B737
me: :keels down infront of nyx: my goddess of have returned..i now give you this offering :gives a music disc:
Nyx: uh..thanks ill listen to it as soon as i can..
Me: you are to kind my goddess.
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