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Dangers of proofreading. Justice’s story Alicorn Allergy Season has Sunset be the only adult surrounded by adorable, destructive bebehs. 

Background isn’t mine, 90Sigma is the amazing artist who did it. 
safe (1374584)artist:firimil (147)princess cadance (27213)princess celestia (81088)princess luna (85688)spike (64416)sunset shimmer (47907)twilight sparkle (250449)zecora (7658)age regression (1152)alicorn (152568)alicornified (3295)allergies (132)baby (7294)babylight sparkle (293)baby pony (5178)biting (2614)cewestia (1577)cute (138838)cutedance (614)cutelestia (2524)dragon (32897)ear bite (993)ear nibble (394)female (707933)filly (45799)filly cadance (35)lunabetes (2369)male (240072)mare (309902)oh crap (222)pony (647137)race swap (10156)shimmercorn (537)swollen horn (31)twiabetes (7506)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96676)winged spike (4018)woona (4704)younger (13330)


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@Background Pony #3963
Just time your departure while the portal would be open regardless, grab Twilight’s copy of the journal on the way, and smash the plinth once the portal closes. Or drop a stick of dynamite behind the mirror before going through. A sledgehammer might go through, but I doubt the portal spell reinforces the underlying substrate against concussive blasts.
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Thread Starter - Ends begins with word game
Wallet After Summer Sale

grins at Sunset "Are you SURE you wanna have to do EVERYTHING related to running Equestria? Listen to Nobels whine and complain, balance a National Budget, and just generally handel ALL the Politics by yourself? if So sure feel free, just be ready to say goodbye to ALL your free time!
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