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safe (1522362) artist:rhorse (129) lyra heartstrings (27117) oc (572995) oc:anon (11106) human (139458) pony (796916) unicorn (242765) bandolier (89) carrot (1831) cigar (672) crossbow (233) female (846421) floating (3176) flying (32742) food (57268) helmet (8982) hoof hold (6864) magic (62523) male (288168) mare (386945) mouth hold (14740) rope (9755) smiling (202240) straw in mouth (748) tailcopter (71) vietnam flashback (38) vietnam war (100) wat (18291) weapon (25477)


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27 comments posted
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I love this. It eminates season one era cute silliness. I can really see this being a part of a real episode plot. It could be like the first episode of spongebob, but instead of sardines, its rabbits and they're shooting carrots into their mouths.
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

There is so much wrong with this picture:
1. Lyra is Tails.
2. A paratrooper has a crossbow.
3. The crossbow has a carrot in it.
4. The guy seems to be unfazed by the fact there is a LITERAL UNICORN FLYING HIM AROUND!
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