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safe (1428183)artist:fishimira (306)fluttershy (184037)rainbow dash (203766)pegasus (187790)pony (697295):3 (3494)3d (51337)animated (84677)behaving like a rabbit (3)blushing (153693)cage (798)cute (148336)eating (7548)eyes on the prize (4257)feeding (1044)female (759270)floppy ears (41280)herbivore (75)hoof hold (5932)horses doing horse things (1064)mare (334776)nom (2622)pony pet (569)shyabetes (9402)smiling (183006)solo focus (12389)source filmmaker (30608)underhoof (41235)

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I am Flutter Weapons Mare und dis is my weapon. One moment, If I may. Om nom um nom. Haha where was I oh right. She waighs 100 kilograms and fires 2000 custom rounds per minute. It costs 700 Bits to fire this gun.. For 12 seconds… Oh my Celestia.. Who touched Discord? WHO TOUCHED MEH GUN!?
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