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safe1860881 artist:fishimira355 fluttershy227602 rainbow dash249333 pegasus355998 pony1205149 3d91276 :35223 animated106420 behaving like a rabbit5 blushing221704 cage1061 cute220210 eating10719 eyes on the prize5933 feeding1425 female1500585 floppy ears59213 herbivore1640 hoof hold9665 horses doing horse things1303 mare556767 nom3193 pony pet892 shyabetes15737 smiling296913 solo focus19462 source filmmaker53878 underhoof57840


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ladies and gentlemen:  
We have ponies that act like dogs.  
We have ponies that act like cats.  
Now, I am pleased to present: Ponies that act like guinea pigs!
Mix Heart

I am Flutter Weapons Mare und dis is my weapon. One moment, If I may. Om nom um nom. Haha where was I oh right. She waighs 100 kilograms and fires 2000 custom rounds per minute. It costs 700 Bits to fire this gun.. For 12 seconds… Oh my Celestia.. Who touched Discord? WHO TOUCHED MEH GUN!?