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the ladybugs AWAKE

clap your hooves

and begin to shake
semi-grimdark (23489)artist:t72b (250)derpibooru exclusive (18787)twilight sparkle (250724)starlight the hypnotist (257)spoiler:interseason shorts (693)cowering (197)crying (34405)female (709586)filly (45907)filly twilight sparkle (2108)horror (430)insect (619)ladybug (436)partial color (3735)phobia (28)pony (649394)scared (7285)solo (846471)teary eyes (2063)text (37934)traditional art (92412)twilight hates ladybugs (80)unicorn (184524)unicorn twilight (6047)up against the wall (7)wall writing (149)wide eyes (13760)younger (13347)

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22 comments posted
Background Pony #8157
This nightmare night, your nightmare will come true, Twilight sparkle.

Ladybugs awake
Clap your hooves
and do a little shake.

Night time,
Night time,
Your afraid,
Hide your hooves,
or you become their bait.

Night time,
Night time,
your the bait,
gone with the hoof,
cause they already been ate.
SnoopyStallion's avatar
Artist - snoopystallion

sunshine sunshine ladybugs awake, clap your hooves and curle into a frightened mess and cry a lot. writers of mlp dont care about consistancy anymore. mlp:fim = dead
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Background Pony #8157
I bet shining armor, learn how to make monster with food.
You see these twily, in these Quesadilla are cheese a lot of them. These cheese are use to snatch bad filly and pony like you. Once they snacthed you, your dead.
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Ekhidna's avatar
Speaking Fancy

Twilight’s nightmare: She can’t use magic, a swarm of ladybugs stands between her and civilization, she is huddled up on a cave because its the only place without snakes and the only food source available are quesadillas.
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neo4812's avatar
Wallet After Summer Sale

snakes is understandable cause they squeeze there prey till there dead and swallow them hole and as for the quesadillas, idk maybe it gave her the shits or constipation
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Comments22 comments posted