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Hey guys

I wanna try out something new here and there, going back to my old comic like style and polishing it to give it a good new reboost :)

There we go! Expect some cute, comic horsies/characters which I originally drew traditionally, scanned in and coloured/edited by :iconsnoopystallion: :D

Wel, you saw it coming: There MUST be a comic to the previously shown image of Fluttershy and Harry having an Armwrestling Battle XD
Then here you go I think it speaks for itself, doesn't it? XD

Has a bit of a meme — feeling to it if you ask me ;) :P :rofl:

At this point, everything left I want to say is a huge THANK YOU to :iconsnoopystallion: for all the effort and time he put into it. Seriously. When I drew the traditional images for this comic, I may or may not have messed things up a bit, but with patience and smart ideas, he fixed everything, added a framing background and appealing look to this comic that I'm super grateful for, seriously. I apologize for my inconvenience, again, but thank you SO SO MUCH for making this a possible thing still. Besides, I think the job he did is more than stunning if I'm allowed to say so. I keep smiling when looking at this comic Strip Thank you, my love :hug::love::heart:

As always, I drew the traditional lineart and Snoopy added colours, effects and background to her :)

I really hope you like this next one of a mini series consisting of collabs between Snoopy and me.
Have fun with them!

Check out :iconsnoopystallion:'s page for more interesting work : www.deviantart.com/snoopystall…

Lupi (traditional lineart): Around 20 to 30 Minutes each

Snoopy (digital colouring): Around 13 to 14 Hours

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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safe1706831 artist:lupiarts603 artist:snoopystallion94 angel bunny9845 fluttershy212697 harry526 bear1284 pegasus291971 pony968007 rabbit5307 :t3785 angry27238 animal4349 arm wrestling177 blowing516 blowing whistle150 broken766 cheek fluff5558 clock1905 clothes459757 collaboration5308 comic109135 comic sans1447 comic sins45 confident773 descriptive noise1444 desk3223 eye contact6495 eyes closed93588 face down ass up8189 female1363486 frown22898 funny4134 grin38553 gritted teeth12251 hat86893 looking at each other20222 male372840 mare480813 open mouth145910 pointing4046 puffy cheeks3866 raised hoof45667 raised leg7729 referee175 referee shirt20 shirt24926 shivering2086 silly7454 slam82 smiling248580 smirk12480 speech bubble23324 spread wings54731 stronk71 surprised9273 sweat26360 table9221 that bunny sure does love whistles11 thought bubble3418 underhoof52101 unexpected134 walking4775 whistle1251 whistling252 wing fluff1627 wings107458


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