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Autumnjack movie mlp version :D
safe (1374069)artist:joemasterpencil (113)applejack (142256)autumn blaze (2115)season 8 (765)sounds of silence (3010)spoiler:s08 (712)applejack's hat (3307)cowboy hat (9586)cute (138688)duo (36552)ear fluff (16371)earth pony (133280)female (707475)freckles (18551)friendship (799)hair tie (524)hat (59959)horn (20396)kirin (4198)leaping (198)leonine tail (5491)looking at you (113600)mare (309677)movie (622)movie accurate (663)my little pony logo (2892)open mouth (98566)outdoors (5142)pony (646777)ponytail (12276)raised hoof (29957)scales (603)smiling (172831)standing (7407)stetson (4213)version (14)


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4 comments posted
Northern Dashie's avatar
Northern Dashie
I removed the Anthro tag cuz nothing in this image is anthro, though I’m not sure if those "Lesbian" and "Shipping" tags should stay either cuz the image itself doesn’t really depict any actual shipping :/
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