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While tampering with a book in Canterlot’s forbidden archives, Twilight stumbles upon the enchanted spirit of a dragoness. Later on, her encounter with said spirit will come back to haunt her.

The comic was made by the amazing CandyClumsy:

So go check her stuff out please!!

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grimdark (30133)grotesque (10370)artist:candyclumsy (171)spike (63694)twilight sparkle (248489)comic:twilight's kronenberg (13)alicorn (149986)blood (18852)body horror (792)comic (84065)commissioner:bigonionbean (304)crying (34039)dialogue (46053)dragon (32221)dragon claw (17)open mouth (97468)pain (1146)pony (638189)pony to dragon (11)scared (7197)shedding (27)shrunken pupils (1446)skintight (23)suffering (62)transformation (7391)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (95314)writer:bigonionbean (183)


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@Derpy Whooves
Suuuuuure you are

Besides, kids shouldn’t and probably aren’t on the site anyways. I’m pretty sure they’d go to the official MLP websites by hasbro for their content, and that’s even if they know how to surf the internet.

Your reasoning is based on a lot of things going wrong for a kid to gain access to this kind of content. I even placed a warning semi grimdark filter just as a warning. Whether or not they look at isn’t my responsibility and neither is it yours
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