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safe (1444740)artist:christadoodles (34)edit (101282)daybreaker (2117)nightmare moon (15135)alicorn (167273)pony (712532)alter ego (38)armor (19090)beautiful (3771)black coat (58)blue eyes (3005)bust (32028)dark side (102)day (568)duo (39982)ethereal mane (4841)evil (2352)evil grin (3260)eyelashes (3105)fangs (18099)female (774303)fire hair (85)gem (4276)grin (28462)helmet (8193)lidded eyes (19407)looking at each other (12938)mare (344137)moon (18989)night (19785)open mouth (106001)opposite (5)orange eyeshadow (14)portrait (25141)purple eyeshadow (105)ruby (288)sexy (19015)sharp teeth (2525)siblings (3960)side by side (96)signature (15113)sisters (6090)smiling (186163)starry hair (25)starry mane (2487)sun (5054)teeth (6572)two sided poster (13)white coat (201)yellow eyes (1019)


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@Dust Rock
I wouldn’t equate either of them with Ganondorf. Ganondorf would be more like a somewhat sympathetic Sombra. If anything, I’d say Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon are like Koume and Kotake, except less wrinkly. Luckily, their fusion is substantially better-looking than Twinrova.
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Comments14 comments posted