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safe (1376215)artist:zutcha (242)princess flurry heart (5245)alicorn (152837)baby (7306)baby pony (5185)chair (4604)colored pupils (7289)crown (9852)cute (139218)diaper (10462)eye clipping through hair (1820)flurrybetes (576)happy (22391)jewelry (35311)looking at you (113881)pony (649180)raised leg (5613)regalia (11020)sitting (43739)smiling (173179)solo (846318)throne (2253)


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Background Pony #FA2A
Pulls out a scroll and reads it Ahem,Princess Flurry Heart commands that all of her subjects shall wear Diapers (Designs must be cute,adorable and babyish),T Shirts with Babyish Designs,Bibs,Frilly Dresses,and Booties as the dress code,THE DIAPER MUST ALSO BE SHOWN,NO WEARING PANTS. Secondly all restrooms shall be destroyed and replaced with Diaper Changing Stations which shall contain Wipes,Powder,and Packs of Diapers in all sizes.Thirdly Cups shall be replaced with Bottles of any size. Finally Play Dates with the Princess and Naptimes are now in effect.
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