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safe (1374584)artist:luckreza8 (636)edit (91043)edited screencap (39143)screencap (159932)gallus (3927)queen chrysalis (27952)shutter bug (174)smolder (3933)twilight sparkle (250449)starlight the hypnotist (256)the mean 6 (1272)spoiler:interseason shorts (692)absurd res (60477)alicorn (152568)camera (2983)cropped (31931)disguise (2824)disguised changeling (1589)dragon (32897)dragoness (4333)eating (7126)evil grin (2897)female (707933)food (47602)griffon (20100)grin (26363)ladybug (435)male (240072)open mouth (98634)pony (647137)scared (7271)scheming (81)screaming (2351)simple background (276681)sitting (43664)smiling (172910)solo (845375)terrified (251)transparent background (145109)twilight hates ladybugs (80)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96676)vector (64100)