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She is REALLY excited to be pet. Unfortunately, at the speed she’s spinning, she’d probably decapitate anypony who got too close.

Ye I got permission.
safe (1376648)artist:nootaz (1408)edit (91313)oc (501020)oc:nootaz (889)animated (81905)bedroom (6149)cropped (31998)excited (2022)extreme speed animation (637)female (709687)gif (22305)mare (310814)note (484)pony (649474)potato pony (16)seizure warning (2816)wat (17149)you spin me right round (126)


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@Night Eternal
MORE EXTREME I SAY! go even further! give it color distortion and the deep fried meme lens flares, and just for good measure put plaid as to indicate ludicrous speed! because this… IS TO GO… EVEN FURTHER BEYOND! I save the "and this is to go even further beyond" tag for only the most extreme edits
Comments21 comments posted