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Shamelessly ripped off from Kuromi.
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Background Pony #5F5F
Glad you like it.
I always thought the image was meme-worthy. Shining messing with his little sister could have a thousand interpretations.
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Hehehe I enjoy this edit of my work. Much more relevant. Who remembers the blue or white and gold dress now anyway? Twily afraid of ladybugs…
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I actually knew about eye spots, but I didn’t bring them up because they’re not real eyes.

Google didn’t turn up anything for the crayfish thing, but admittedly I didn’t spend that long looking. Out of curiosity, where did you hear it from?

…Yeah, I kinda expected someone to turn up and point out something after I said that. I don’t feel as dumb as I expected to, though, since it’s something I actually didn’t know rather than something I just forgot. So thanks for teaching me something new.
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looks at the tags

You know, teasing doesn’t count as fighting, right? Shiny was just harmlessly messing with Twilight back then.
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