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safe1588006 screencap206555 gallus5985 smolder6889 twilight sparkle284039 alicorn199916 dragon49010 griffon24482 ladybug554 starlight the hypnotist305 spoiler:interseason shorts820 animated92957 bookshelf3161 coccinellidaephobia70 dragoness6949 female1228410 floppy ears46626 gif28314 majestic as fuck1182 so ridiculous it's funny18 spoon1253 twilight hates ladybugs121 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116337


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With smolder and Gallus wondering of twilight's fear of ladybugs when one came out from somewhere on the table as the trio was eating when twilight's fear had made them wonder if she was that freaked out she turned into a rocket when she was trying to calm down from the rafters.