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   I ship AppleSentry    

*Applejack X Flash Sentry= Apple Armour, and Magnolia Core (Both Female Pegasi)
*Base: Base by  PudimAmassado321
*(Base Link:Mlp base-mane six couplesby PudimAmassado321)

    *How did Applejack and Flash get together?
*(Here’s my Headcanon): Flash was on Guard Patrol duty, when the Applejack was visiting Canterlot. But, then, Applejack was then being chased by a mysterious stallion, with a cloak. Flash Sentry saw her being cornered,w hen suddenly, Flash flew in front of her, and scared the mysterious stallion off. (There will be a story on this.) Then, Flash accompanied Applejack through Canterlot, having a conversation. Applejack asked, if he’d like to visit Sweet Apple Acres sometime. Flash agreed. Over the course of 3-5 months, Flash had helped the Apple Family, on the farm. He needed o build up extra muscle. Applejack developed feelings for him, and asked him, to go on a date with her. This was when Flash grew his feelings too. He agreed again. And, soon, 2 years later, they now have a family. 

*What am I going to do next on my DeviantArt Page?
*Maybe do another ship pic?
*Start creating the Apple children?
*Do some MLP designs?


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