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Equestria at War

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"The Storm Kingdom"
Issue #2.
Page #7.

Adaptation from many ideas of many people. The general idea is not mine, but this adaptation it is. 

– Disclaimer: This is a fan work by a fan of the "My little pony: The movie". All characters belongs to Hasbro. Please support the official products.-

Note: If you share or upload in another web page/platform, please mention me.


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Commissions info: 
Commissions Info.Hello everyone!
Commissions are open, please read carefully the followings:
→ One "slot" per person at time.
→ When the commission is finished you can "refill" your slot.
→ Drawings will be done in order, first the older and last the newest.
→ If you refill a slot, this will be put at bottom of the order list.
→ Estimated time for slot could be since a few hours until 2 days. (I’ll work as fast as i can).
→ I’ll do any kind of drawing (SFW and NSFW), I especialize on MLP stuffs but i could do whatever you want.
(Note: my pending requests and my collabs will be not affected by this.)
Steps for take a slot:
1. Decide your commission (prices bellow).
2. Contact me by a note or by email:, with subject: "Commission DA" and an explain of what do you want.
(Please if is necessary take your time in that explanation and add links for references.)
3. I’ll response that message.
4. If I accept the commission, please go to:, choose currency
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