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Herbal Brew gave an awkward laugh as she said, "I-I don’t know about this, Tone…I think this may be a little much."

Two Tone, however, was beaming with excitement as she said, "nope. This is great! You’re a perfect model!"

"But, uh, isn’t this meme dead?"

"Blasphemy! Memes never die!"
suggestive (113034)artist:midday sun (79)oc (525030)oc:herbal brew (3)oc only (364133)oc:two tone (3)anthro (200583)earth pony (148138)pegasus (187947)ass (35893)backless (538)blushing (153763)breasts (203490)clothes (355611)drool (20107)drool string (4511)embarrassed (8804)embarrassed nude exposure (1820)glasses (46996)gloves (14284)meme (73443)nudity (294643)open-back sweater (462)sleeveless sweater (492)sweater (11534)virgin killer sweater (459)


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A Clever Message
Looking at this I can see why people think the meme might be a little behind, but if she wears it backwards I’m sure she’ll be able to bring its full appeal to bare.
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