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The founding of New York City (1624 colorized)
safe (1429620)edit (99195)edited screencap (44350)editor:lolledits (26)screencap (174825)alula (497)apple bloom (43623)aquamarine (126)aura (character) (220)boysenberry (148)cotton cloudy (349)diamond tiara (9053)dinky hooves (4042)first base (227)gallop j. fry (194)noi (546)peach fuzz (202)silver spoon (5818)super funk (174)sweetie belle (43821)train tracks (character) (174)truffle shuffle (408)twist (2650)earth pony (148369)pegasus (188161)pony (698392)unicorn (203481)twilight time (822)animated (84792)apple (12919)clothes (355838)erlenmeyer flask (170)female (760392)filly (50542)food (51136)giant apple (91)gif (23977)goggles (11727)lab coat (1722)map of equestria (170)science (1111)that pony sure does love apples (697)wat (17582)what has science done (1515)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2067)

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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Go fsck yourself
And thus, Monsanto ended Equestria by mislabeling its potions and sending its experimental Über-grow formula to an innocent school-filly. The end.
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