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Yup, I've been updating the image. I also updated the Apple Family entry, so enjoy a good old read.

- Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Blaze were close when RD was growing up. Rainbowshine (Rainbow Dash's mother) wasn't around very much, considering she worked around the clock in the Weather Factory in a manual labor unit. Their family was much poorer than most, causing Dash to create an ego for herself, but rather than become a bully she became a savior to those who couldn't stand up for themselves. Blaze was very proud of his daughter being one of the first ponies ever to create a sonic rainboom, and the two remained very close even through Rainbow Dash's time in the Junior Speedster's flight camp. When the curse was announce, Dash didn't seem to care much, considering she never really wanted kids and thought in the future, when she wanted one, they'd have fixed it already.

But when the time came, the curse was still as strong as ever. Half-way through her trials to become a Wonderbolt, (past the flying course, now it was just paperwork and the like) Dash spoke to her father about her urge to be a mother. Blaze and Rainbowshine had split up years ago due to Rainbowshine's constant work and lack of affection towards her husband, and they hadn't had a son nor any close relatives, so Blaze offered himself. Of course, Dash was very, very hesitant to agree, but eventually did and had a little filly named Rainbow Gleam. Rainbow Gleam had been named as such to keep the "Rainbow" name as the family seemed crescent with. Gleam is a very lovable filly, something of a girly-girl with her lack of enthusiasm for getting dirty and her constant craving for dress up. Blaze and Dash decided they would stick together as a family, but not to marry. They still considered themselves daughter and father, even if they had children of their own.

- To the Apple Family, the curse wasn't much of a deterrent. Many of their family had inter-married, being a long-time occurrence in the practically full-blooded earth pony clan. Only a few were unicorns, either being a recessive trait or the mistake of drinking a few too many ciders with a stranger. Although, to Applejack and Big Macintosh, this was almost a blessing in disguise. The secret was, when Applejack and Big Mac were teenagers, they were a bit lonely, having been a bit recluse due to their duty to the farm. They never had time for socialization outside of school, so meeting other ponies wasn't exactly easy. Eventually, frustrated, they decided to secretly date. At first, it was only for practice with other ponies they had crushes on. It soon escalated from simple acting to genuine affection. Six or so months after this secret dating began, Applejack noticed something wrong and decided to take a test. As well as you can figure, she was pregnant.

The two were horrified of course, as their relationship had been their secret. They were scared what other ponies would say or call them. They decided to turn to the only pony they knew who would keep the secret… Granny Smith. Granny laughed in their faces when they told her their relationship. She told them she saw right through them on the spot and knew exactly what was going on. Of course, she hadn't really been expecting the second bit of news, but she quickly acclimated and ask them calmly if they wanted to keep the baby. Applejack said yes right away, she didn't want to give up her baby. Big Mac replied only a second slower.

The story for other ponies was that their child was just their little sibling, as they didn't want to arouse suspicion or have their daughter be mocked for being the daughter of siblings. Of course, Applejack had to hide away from the world during her heaviest months. But when she was born, it was magical, and all was right in the world.

Of course, they couldn't marry or show affection in public, but they still loved each other. That was until the curse began, and the two were excited to finally be able to show their love freely and get married. This was also when they finally decided to tell Apple Bloom that she was actually their daughter, not their sister. At first Apple Bloom was shocked, and even a little horrified/mortified. She quickly warmed up to the idea, happy that her true parents were still alive. Big Mac and Applejack got married very quickly after, and the wedding was one of the most happiest out there. All the Apple family came and congratulated the couple.

Soon after, Applejack was once again pregnant. This time, they were prepared and happy for the second child rather than scared for them. Little Apple Tart was born, a yellow and orange colt with bright green eyes and freckles. Apple Bloom was so happy to be a big sister, and doted on the little colt. Apple Tart is a sweet yet mischevious child. He enjoys pranks and stealing cookies, yet always tells the truth despite possibly getting in trouble. He trails his big sister around alot.

- Rarity, of course, was horrified when she realized that she couldn't have children with a handsome stallion of her choice. She was even more horrified that she only had two cousins and her father to choose from. Her cousins were immediately out, considering their lack of good looks and the fact that they were good company. The only one left out of them was her father, Hondo Flanks (He's an earth pony in my AU), who was just barely acceptable. Cookie Crumbles accepted the fact that in order for her daughter to have children she needed to mate with her father, but only barely contained her lack of enthusiasm. Rarity and her father agreed that, when the time came and after Rarity was pregnant, only Rarity would be the parent and Hondo the grandfather. Of course, they were awkward afterwards but eventually made up.

Eleven months later and Audible was born! (Audible being a football term, meaning changing the play or disguising the call to confuse or take advantage of the defense.) And boy, did she embody her name. She was practically the exact opposite of everything her mother wanted, becoming the son that Hondo never had. Audible is rough and rowdy, getting along with the boys as a tomboy ever could. Rarity, of course, had trouble handling the young one but loved her all the same despite that. At one point she thanked Hondo, but only with a smile.

- The Royal Family was not untouched by this curse either. Celestia and Luna were also cursed, causing their own infertility due to the lack of child or relatives they have. The only blood-line they had was Blueblood, and even Celestia was unsure if they could copulate. Luna, of course, was fine with being barren, but also encouraged those she cared about to have children of their own. Cadence, being an orphan, was devastated she could not have children. Shining Armor, seeking help for his wife, asked Twilight for her help. Twilight, of course, was researching the curse in order to find a cure, but the sadness of her brother and step-sister could not be ignored. Secretly, Twilight had always harbored feelings for her brother, and only asked in return for their relationship to be a polyamory. Cadence, being the Princess of Love, accepted that Twilight loved her brother, and allowed for their to be a polyamory. Shining Armor seemed to be outvoted in this perspective, but was just fine having two mares on his hoof.

Aurora was born to the group, a Pegasus filly by the wings of Alicorn Twilight. Cadence was overwhelmed and ecstatic at this news, offering to name the filly. Aurora was much like the group itself, being a loving daughter and friend, being studious but also very active. All in all, she is a very well-rounded filly and absolutely loves her mothers and father.

- Like the Apple Family, the Rock Family was not undisturbed by the lack of prospect of marriage and breeding. Their inbreeding was less than that of the Apple's, however, considering the fact many of their children, cousins, etc. were mainly females. Of course, that caused the weight of breeding to be put upon the family's leader, Igneous Rock. Igneous himself was brought about by incest, but only to the first degree. No long-term stuff, and his parents were cousins anyways. So the concept of incest wasn't entirely unfound to him, but he still found himself uncomfortable with the thought of breeding with his daughters. Luckily enough only one wanted a child at the moment, that daughter being Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie had recently married her sweetheart Cheese Sandwich and the two wished to have a child. Igneous was always a little estranged by his youngest daughter and her husband, but decided to show his acceptance by… well…

Soon after a colt was born, with a bizarrely striking resemblance to Cheese himself. When asked, Pinkie Pie simply stated she willed it to be her son to look like his father, and nopony really questioned it further. The colt was named Chunky Chocolate Chip, sometimes nicknamed "Monkey" (Tee-hee, "Chunky Monkey".) as he seems to climb, hop, and jump everywhere. Quite like his parents, Monkey is very excitable and joyous, but does have his serious side like his grandfather. He treats parties like a job, much more than even Cheese does, and makes sure that the party will go off without a hitch. Igneous just hopes that not all his grandchildren-children will be as excitable as Monkey, as much as he loves the boy.

Well, I hope all the families and stories didn't make you lose the contents of your stomach.
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She had cousins, and she STILL went with her father? that doesn’t make sense, even if they’re ugly…