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Cadance Hearts & Hooves 5

Welp, she's gonna notice what your guys' gifts are doing to her body now. Her bed certainly has!

Help her weight get more out of control by sending some sweets here :
suggestive145613 artist:sirmasterdufel867 princess cadance32814 alicorn228786 pony988767 series:cadance hearts & hooves drive12 bed41637 belly29025 blushing201209 chubby cheeks3851 clothes467741 dialogue66620 fat22395 fat fetish1611 female1382736 fetish40824 furniture abuse116 incentive drive234 jiggle1685 mare491757 morbidly obese7988 note expansion111 obese11720 princess decadence202 shirt25578 sitting64474 socks67476 solo1079067 spread wings55805 surprised9435 tight clothing2604 weight gain4351 weight gain sequence837 wings111677


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Complete fool for pegas
I kinda wondered how she missed the sound/sensation of her clothes ripping.

There's no missing it when the piece of furniture under you gives way. xD

In before she just shrugs it off with a laugh, saying how it's a wonder it lasted that long into their marriage…