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suggestive (109851)artist:tjpones (2597)princess cadance (27539)shining armor (19640)and that's how flurry heart was made (63)dialogue (47571)dragged (11)dragging (196)electric boogaloo (12)good clean married sex (922)implied princess cadance (160)implied sex (2704)male (247350)monochrome (132559)offscreen character (23137)panicking (97)pony (664513)princess cadance is always horny (82)sketch (52152)stallion (69178)this will end in snu snu (244)unicorn (191025)worry (39)


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Background Pony #BCA6
Look on the bright side, Shining; even if you don’t make it, at least you will have died doing something someone somepony you love.
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Background Pony #5694
Alternate title: Valentines 2: Electric Thing In Your Butt

"So, where did ya want me to stick this again?"

"Cadance, you cannot possibly be serious."
"Well the post office never delivered the other one I ordered."
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