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safe (1461650)artist:dstears (545)twilight sparkle (265863)alicorn (170816)pony (726937)unicorn (216848)assault rifle (609)bipedal (27681)clothes (367050)cosplay (25740)costume (22762)female (788558)girl's frontline (11)gloves (14879)gun (12771)looking at you (125223)mare (352982)pantyhose (3004)pleated skirt (3540)qbz-95 (5)rifle (3036)shoes (25190)simple background (300117)skirt (32343)smiling (189012)solo (896327)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105276)weapon (23730)white background (74904)


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Ghost of Zeon
Only cause Twilight makes it look like a wedding dress and navy uniform…. at least I think it’s supposed to be navy. White uniforms are usually navy. Also yes that is a heavily modified dress uniform.
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