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suggestive (108664)artist:tjpones (2571)rarity (151516)spike (64484)cougar (506)dialogue (46637)dragon (32972)eyes on the prize (4081)female (709067)glasses (44377)jewelry (35297)lineart (12281)male (240498)mare (310482)marshmelodrama (600)necklace (11399)older (16673)older rarity (13)older spike (3202)open mouth (98793)pearl necklace (632)pony (648991)shipping (156344)sparity (5683)straight (104892)sweat (18946)unicorn (184276)winged spike (4031)wrong (83)


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Background Pony #3145
That reminded me of a fanfic where Rarity confessed her love to Spike. When he still looked like a baby dragon due a dragon aging quirks. On her deathbed due to old age. Yeah, it was a sad fic.
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Background Pony #98BD
and so spike fell to the power of the marshmallow

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