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safe1749201 artist:freeedon275 oc711208 oc only465014 bear1350 pony1009399 squirrel1052 unicorn341820 semi-anthro13575 :<1083 :i1611 american flag424 animated in description79 bed42323 bedroom10917 book34477 cheek fluff5920 clock1964 clothes475426 commission72922 curtains2051 cute205548 ear fluff31134 eating9942 eye clipping through hair6392 female1400769 filly69554 flag4021 floppy ears54448 fluffy14693 food72886 grin40840 hoof hold8600 lamp2764 leg fluff3189 looking up17121 mare501638 neck fluff835 night27329 picture1354 picture frame843 pillow18637 pipe742 robe3747 sitting65517 smiling260493 squee1974 stars16263 sticky note252 sweater14904 tea3124 window8914


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I have tried my best,but I still can't extract other hebrew character.
I hate my translation application…