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Just Glimmy having a good time, probably not doing anything illegal, only if being gorgeous not considered as a crime that is.

Here’s my first time making a piece with clear, bright blue skies. It was more difficult to set up the lights since the bright environment will make the character looks flat & blends with the background more easily, so shadows and rim lights play quite a major role.

inspired by this music video: Rich Brian – Chaos

Made with Source Filmmaker, rendered at 4K resolution with 1024 DOF samples
Starlight & swimsuit texture edited with GIMP 2, Adobe Photoshop, and VTFEdit
Detailed with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
Color Enhanced with Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

Map; black_void
Enhanced Starlight:
Additional hair:
Golden AK-47:
Beach buggy car:
Beach props: and
Bottle from:
safe (1375283)artist:calveen (47)starlight glimmer (35726)3d (48201)ak-47 (267)alcohol (4897)alternate hairstyle (20153)assault rifle (558)aviator glasses (90)beach (10316)bed (29356)boombox (161)bottle (2828)buggy (9)car (4366)chinese (2026)clothes (337952)drink (3576)food (47658)gazebo (65)glass (3158)glasses (44341)gun (11798)high res (16587)looking at you (113760)lying down (7362)one-piece swimsuit (3174)palm tree (775)pony (648613)radio (371)raised tail (11074)rifle (2828)smiling (173032)smirk (8737)solo (845779)source filmmaker (28492)sunglasses (10836)sunscreen (333)surfboard (546)swimsuit (19853)tail (13439)tattoo (3506)tequila (30)tree (21072)umbrella (1953)unicorn (184079)weapon (21598)


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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
Wallet After Summer Sale

@Night Eternal
Just to clarify, Starlight here is a kingpin of a mafia organization, triads, and this has nothing to do with Vietnam or Brazil lol. You can check out my past artworks on how she becomes what she is now.
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