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Background Pony #1F3D
Basically 99.9% confirmed(All that is left is a confirmation from Hasbro)

-DHX is not working on EQG anymore
-Boulder Media is not working on EQG
-And the announcement of Season 3 was an error by the speaker, Hasbro explained that he mistoke the shorts as a new season. No EQG are being developed anymore.

I do think it will be rebooted to go alongside G5.
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Background Pony #6C57
Mlp is dying and EG is next, good or maybe it should be turned into reboot series or something
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it’s sad to know that Friendship Is Magic is coming to an end, but at least we had good times watching the show (I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoyed the show). here’s to hoping the show is ending on a good note.

Equestria Girls, on the other hand, I could care less about. I wouldn’t mind it dying with FIM. if it means having less Sunset shoved down my throat and hearing less about her querulous fans, I’m all for it. :/
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@Darth Shy
In my opinion, they can’t leave that alone. They can’t be like: What ever the fans say is the truth about her. It is one of the biggest mysteries. That subject has NEVER been mentioned, referenced, talked about & so on. Even if the answer was that she was living in a different part of that world, we should know. I do find it interesting that the others never ask questions. It’s like they know the truth or they never thought about asking.
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Just a shame we never got to see Sunset in the show proper, or Meghan McCarthy’s vision for MLP beyond S4 for that matter.
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