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please clean this filthy pone
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@Background Pony #ABCF

and using shampoo on the hair away from your scalp causes it to become dry and brittle, and split easily. not to mention it wicks oil away from the root of the hair, causing your scalp to be drier, causing oil overproduction and dandruff. it is about finding a balance, but zero shampoo ever will always find a balance; it just might be oilier than expected.

honestly hair soap’s kind of a bad idea. seems pretty harmless to use on special occasions for pleasure though, or when you need to wash something out of your hair.
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Background Pony #ABCF
I’m not sure if it’s true or scientifically accurate, but I’ve had oily hair issues my whole life and it’s when I cut back on shampoo that it seems to be less oily.
The description I’ve heard of how it work so like this: if you already have naturally oily hair, only shampoo every other day or very two days, because the shampoo will strip the oil from your hair, causing your scalp to overproduce even more oil.
Obviously a lack of washing also leads to oil. It is all about finding a balance
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Tennessee Hillbilly
Hmmm, I think she’s still too dirty. Someone drag her to the garage while I get the pressure washer ready.
Four-stroke engine cranks to life in the background
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If I remember well, a hairdresser told me that if you usually apply shampoo directly to your scalp, your hair will get greasy just like if you didn’t wash it.
So just avoid do that and it will be fine.
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@Background Pony #ABCF
W-what? Is this true? This doesn’t sound right, but I wouldn’t know as I cut my mane bald for practical purposes.

Does lack of washing also lead to oily mane? Do manes need a fine balance? @Rarity get over here.
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Background Pony #ABCF
To be fair to poor sweet grease-pone, a lot of times overly oily hair is due to too much washing!
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