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Birthday gift for the marvelous . featuring his areomule OC, Inkjet. As it just so happens, it's Ink's birthday too! Funny how that works out, isn't it?

What's a birthday party without a pinata? Lame, that's what. And Inkjet is most certainly not lame. And so she prepares to do battle with the paper mache monster. Wielding a vicious bat and a sufficiently thick blindfold, she swing wildly at the beast, determined to free the deliciousness within.

Bacon Bits back there is getting every moment on film. This is going to look great on HoofTube!

Twilight learned a valuable lesson today. That lesson was you shouldn't stand within swinging range of a blindfolded mule wielding a bat and and a strong motivation to swing it with wild abandon. She was really looking forward to that slice of cake…
safe (1522263) artist:tahublade7 (406) twilight sparkle (274212) oc (572941) oc:bacon bits (14) oc:inkjet (4) alicorn (183722) anthro (218862) plantigrade anthro (25018) 3d (58033) alcohol (5706) baseball bat (905) blindfold (3774) bra strap (356) cake (8498) clothes (387386) daz studio (658) food (57262) jeans (2903) off shoulder (1134) overalls (1323) pants (11128) party (1660) piñata (225) skirt (33953) socks (53862) striped socks (18301) sweater (12568) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110993) wine (1887)


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