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Happy (belated) Hearts and Hooves Day, from /mlp/!
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Some make the pictures look cute, while others make it look like some memorials of the deceased…
(Also kinda wondering what’s the backstory of the beheaded plushie located under the "9" in "2019")
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Sanagi 蛹
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Wallet After Summer Sale

(Previously known as Wechselpony)

Meaning: Chrysalis

@Chuy Ryu

Surprised by these comments considering:

1. It’s a 4chan event and thus anonymous
2. Its just like take one pic and post it on a thread. Its not like they actually commit on it like some of cringe Deviantart profiles.
3. Like most 4chan pony /mlp/ event it is actually a parody of the similar thing on Anime /a/ board.