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safe1783835 screencap232826 applejack175650 fluttershy220313 rainbow dash241574 rarity188255 equestria girls211552 equestria girls series36108 street chic212 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15267 animated102296 applejack's hat9093 bare shoulders3103 boots23617 clothes488194 cold972 converse5963 cowboy boots1655 cowboy hat17977 cropped51517 female1432635 fetish fuel83 fluttercold40 freezing199 geode of fauna2162 geode of super speed2856 geode of super strength2603 gif33138 hat93198 loop5520 magical geodes10377 shivering2168 shoes40193 shorts14974 sleeveless5196 sneakers5360 strapless1815


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Background Pony #419C
It’s not like they were heavily bundled up BEFORE Rarara changed their clothes…
Background Pony #796A
hunterxcolleen actually invaded the dhx offices to make this with their puppets