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safe1675728 screencap218225 applejack167381 fluttershy209454 rainbow dash230462 rarity179071 equestria girls196083 equestria girls series32086 street chic193 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13688 animated97102 applejack's hat6810 bare shoulders2245 boots21173 clothes448618 cold927 converse5528 cowboy boots1403 cowboy hat15163 cropped48432 female1335806 fetish fuel67 fluttercold40 freezing198 geode of fauna1768 geode of super speed2289 geode of super strength2088 gif30087 hat84354 loop5173 magical geodes8557 shivering2038 shoes35098 shorts13584 sleeveless4044 sneakers4880 strapless1416


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Background Pony #419C
It's not like they were heavily bundled up BEFORE Rarara changed their clothes…
Background Pony #796A
hunterxcolleen actually invaded the dhx offices to make this with their puppets