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This was commissioned by some passionate fans of The Maretian
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17 comments posted
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Pegasus Grounded by FAA
Yes. I know. I read the fic, too, and was even going to order a print copy until the second try got too expensive for my (at the time) technically unemployed butt
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I'm not famous.
This is art drawn in-universe by someone on Earth who knew from NASA reports what each of the astronauts were eating, so it doesn’t actually happen, in that regard. But you are right, Mark wouldn’t even want French Fries after getting off the planet.
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Background Pony #E2F0
For those looking for context, here is a quote from the story that mentions this bit of artwork. The scene is on earth at NASA. The top brass are going over some of the media that has begun to circulate about the castaways.

And then, the final picture, a mockery of the Last Supper. The shot panned from left to right, showing first the five Ares III crew members on Hermes in various poses; then, in the center, Mark Watney, looking wryly amused but not particularly holy; then the five alien castaways; and finally, in the position of Judas, a Roman centurion fingering a bloody sword and wearing a most unpleasant smile.

At least one artist believed Mars had more trouble in store for the occupants of the Hab.
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