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All the way back in S1, I imagined that Luna would end up staying/returning to her nightmare self, although with a more friendly appearance.
Shame it didn't happen.

This is my interpretation of a reformed Nightmare Moon more or less faithful to the show.
(Note: The colour difference on her forehead is intentional.)
safe1749362 artist:crusader productions24 nightmare moon17196 alicorn232704 pony1009510 alternate timeline3039 ethereal mane8440 eyeshadow16544 fangs26644 female1400908 flowing mane2001 happy32165 hoof shoes5754 jewelry68093 makeup22777 mare501676 necklace20326 nicemare moon219 no armor33 raised hoof48389 redesign2502 simple background408757 slit eyes4722 solo1093652 sparkles4796 starry mane4535 transparent background208665 wings122879


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Background Pony #3FE2
I can totally imagine this Picture for Moonies Design for the Fanfic 'The Lost Element' from Humanity