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I just wanted to do this xD oh yeah dash wearing a wig ha ha very funny…x3


Blitz: Dash? What are you doing?
Dash: I t-think you have something on your beautifull hoof kisses
Blitz: Your embarresing me, aren't you?
Dash: Maybe yes, maybe no kisses his hoof
Blitz: blushes You are need to take this dress off Dash, it's embarresing me…
Dash: I thought you wanted a little "fun" with me grins
Blitz: Um.. Yes, but not if look like a maid! Later, everypony will start laughing at you!
Dash: I don't care! slaps Blitz
Blitz: Y-your friends are watc-
Dash: *holds Blitz close to her and kisses him
Blitz: blush more
Twilight: I think Rainbow needs to take that wig off!
Rarity: But she looks so cute with it on her head!
Pinkie: bangs open the door WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!
Dusk: gasp Pinkie, uh… We can explain!


Picture take from the episode "Swarm of the Century"(I removed the fly Rainbow Dash was kissing)
Rainbow Blitz and Dusk shine By Trotsworth
safe1585603 artist:kayman13180 artist:trotsworth208 screencap203113 pinkie pie204372 rainbow dash220575 rarity170655 twilight sparkle284349 parasprite1974 swarm of the century638 confused4167 dashblitz181 dashie antoinette27 date809 dusk shine2214 embarrassed10179 female907499 gasp873 giant hat162 hat77269 hoof kissing94 i can explain49 male308496 marie antoinette56 powdered wig32 rainbow blitz2239 rainbow dash always dresses in style1526 rule 6325363 self ponidox7275 selfcest2592 shipping185187 straight122501 unexpected115 wig812


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Those believe they created a head cannon as to what happened when it started when rainbow dash saw something on rainbow blitz's hoof when it was to make him blush. As rainbow blitz could ask rainbow dash to swap the dress and the hat out for a maid outfit when it could look better panty-less when she slapped him in front of rarity and twilight along with dusk shine when the moment pinkie pie barged in catching dusk shine off guard.
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