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A collaboration and gift for my best friend  Aureai, Happy Valentine, my best friend

Special thanks to Aureai for providing the sketch
safe (1430357)artist:aureai-sketches (112)artist:cyanlightning (871)oc (525749)oc:aureai (49)oc:cyan lightning (195)pegasus (188390)pony (699034)unicorn (203756)absurd resolution (61380)best friends (535)chest fluff (25799)clothes (356057)cute (148809)duo (39186)ear fluff (17855)eyes closed (68036)female (761032)looking at each other (12601)male (258346)mare (335843)older (18572)open mouth (104367)scarf (17484)shipping (164652)simple background (291121)sitting (46156)smiling (183430)spread wings (41069)stallion (73104)straight (109590).svg available (6770)transparent background (152000)underhoof (41294)vector (66659)wings (53168)


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