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Bored bored bored
safe (1375929)artist:tjpones (2571)applejack (142445)pinkie pie (182706)rarity (151516)sci-twi (17448)twilight sparkle (250635)sparkles! the wonder horse! (70)equestria girls (151231)alicorn (152778)bust (29056)chest fluff (23952)dialogue (46637)ear fluff (16429)earth pony (133772)faic (9762)female (709066)glasses (44377)grayscale (30390)hoof hold (5570)howdy (47)lineart (12281)long neck (737)mare (310481)monochrome (131444)muscles (7725)pecs (160)pencil drawing (6169)pepsi (147)plot (62281)pony (648991)simple background (277042)sketch (51450)sketch dump (2384)smiling (173142)soda (1153)spit take (363)traditional art (91794)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96772)unicorn (184275)


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60's Bush Fan
My late grandmother was from the South and I am offended on her behalf by your opinion on Pepsi.

They’re really not that different.
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