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safe (1500981) artist:roseprincessmitia (33) applejack (153536) big macintosh (26098) button mash (3644) cheerilee (9105) cheese sandwich (3453) comet tail (815) derpy hooves (47000) discord (27749) doctor whooves (9798) flash sentry (11554) fluttershy (191172) king sombra (12185) marble pie (5897) pinkie pie (196297) princess cadance (29271) princess celestia (86660) queen chrysalis (30752) rainbow dash (211539) rarity (163546) rumble (3646) scootaloo (47949) shining armor (20955) soarin' (12921) spitfire (12382) sugar belle (2549) sunset shimmer (53960) sweetie belle (45329) thunderlane (3634) time turner (9784) trouble shoes (989) twilight sparkle (272000) alicorn (179039) equestria girls (169828) appledash (5089) cheerimac (767) chrysombra (231) cometlight (295) dislestia (1385) doctorderpy (1365) female (825066) flashimmer (1656) flutterblitz (76) lesbian (87211) male (281701) marbleshoes (13) rainbow blitz (2118) rarilane (155) rule 63 (24008) rumbloo (467) shiningcadance (2263) shipping (174184) simple background (315862) soarinfire (566) straight (115266) sugarmac (630) sweetiemash (556) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (108750) white background (78994)


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Prince Mainesly
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SaffMane 💖💖
Cheerimac was my heart and the first episode of which i fell in love with MLP those years ago… it broke me when sugar belle out of bucking left field showed up… i pray something may change in season 9. all those times little cute things in the show before season 7 that kinda fueled cheerimac and then just absolutely destroy it? it screwed me up mentally thats for sure and it broke my trust with anything on the planet…
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Background Pony #F5C0
The only ones I support or would ever see happening or aka working out on this chart obviously shiningcadance, cheesepie, sugarmac and doctor derpy. I would around switch around a couple ships but people get to easily defensive so much that you can't even express your opinion on here anymore so ima just let it be lol
Background Pony #B979
Not a fan of most of the ships but I gotta give props to a fellow soarinfire fan!
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