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safe1601254 artist:bigpurplemuppet99426 diamond tiara9762 flash sentry12049 fluttershy201450 microchips1277 pinkie pie206038 princess celestia90517 rarity172537 saffron masala1584 sci-twi22233 scootaloo49333 spike75137 spike the regular dog2360 sunset shimmer58324 trixie63463 twilight sparkle286224 dog8681 equestria girls185444 equestria girls series29717 blushing180048 female1273719 flutterflash77 holiday16228 lesbian91156 male338812 microlight125 principal celestia3255 rarilestia145 saffronpie23 scootiara77 shipping186357 straight126289 suntrix568 valentine's day3079


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