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Here it is

My 1000th pony drawing

After so many years i finally hit one hell of a milestone

I decided go draw all my main ocs along with Blackjack from fallout equestria project horizons and roseluck from the show (i draw them alot) to showcase the evolution of all my work over the years

I included the propaganda posters i drew for my secondlife sim carbondale as well because they fit the theme

No this isnt canon to anything its just a drawing for me


If you enjoy my work and projects join my discord (nsfw)
safe (1457851)artist:brainiac (1302)berry punch (5858)berryshine (5851)roseluck (4389)oc (539520)oc:blackjack (2154)oc:brainiac (111)oc:calamity (605)oc:hunters moon (45)oc:liftan drift (51)oc:littlepip (3522)oc:lufty (3)oc:piper (193)oc:rose sniffer (37)oc:shotglass (3)oc:whiskey (13)oc:whiskey lullaby (43)breezie (1940)earth pony (157738)pegasus (197723)pony (723285)unicorn (215123)fallout equestria (13935)fallout equestria: project horizons (2402)1000th drawing by brainiac (1)50s diner (2)blushing (158030)burger (1356)chest fluff (26911)clothes (365768)collar (25234)diner uniform (47)eyebrows (1913)fanfic art (11652)female (784992)floppy ears (42198)food (52989)french fries (435)frog (hoof) (7915)hay burger (462)hay fries (91)male (266868)mare (350586)milestone (641)nuka girl (19)prone (20881)scar (8785)second life (786)security armor (86)soda (1242)sploot (395)stallion (76573)suit (4472)sweater (11813)text (42123)underhoof (42191)unshorn fetlocks (19308)


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