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What a funny joke.
suggestive (108715)artist:tjpones (2572)fluttershy (177436)rainbow dash (197253)twilight sparkle (250724)adventure in the comments (1159)black and white (9277)blatant lies (995)bust (29080)dialogue (46657)ear fluff (16454)female (709586)grayscale (30396)implied futa (609)lineart (12879)mare (310744)monochrome (131472)pegasus (172653)pony (649394)simple background (277172)traditional art (92412)trio (5546)twilight is not amused (873)unamused (10387)


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Background Pony #11A6
"This isn’t a hentai comic, Rainbow. This is real life."

"NO! I get enough of that from Fluttershy."

"Enough of what?"

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EQI 2011-2019
Twilight: ugh, fine. Magic and stuff, poof!

Rainbow: Come on, Twilight, that’s not what we meant!
Fluttershy: it’s what i meant. what else could ’wiener’ even mean?
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Background Pony #456D
Pinkie: Damnit Twilight you give Dashie a penis right now! I need her inside me!
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Comments29 comments posted