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A pink maned edit of >>1780908
safe1599758 artist:yakovlev-vad455 edit121523 editor:assturtle5 princess celestia90455 alicorn202544 pony868669 alternate hairstyle25231 both cutie marks9476 cute183484 cutelestia3293 ear fluff24647 female1272387 floppy ears47111 flower23100 flower in hair6840 from above160 lidded eyes27657 lily (flower)101 lilypad235 looking at you149632 looking back50888 looking back at you11971 looking up14415 mare432327 pink-mane celestia2408 plot72290 pretty709 solo991772 spread wings48977 sunbutt3717 tree branch893 water11808 water lily53 wings84101


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Consentacles and boobs!
I find all the pink to be a good contrast to the teal/emerald of the water and plants as it really makes Tia pop out, and the cherry blossoms are a really nice touch!